Regarding the dates: It was difficult to find details concerning dates of creation. In our methodology, we chose to retain only the starting dates of projects or pilots, instead of the date of the first archives. Eg: some projects were launched in 2003 but have benefited from the work of the Internet Archive which started in 1996, the indicated date will be 2003.

Web Archiving and Records Management: we also made the distinction between patrimonial archiving projects and business archiving solutions. The definition of archiving is different when it relates to heritage resources or sources which engages the liability of a company. Many companies such as Qumran, Saperion, Page Freezer, Hanzo, Reed Technology Web Archiving Service, or Aleph Service, provide to their private customers softwares which will allow them to archive their digital-born documents. This is not an historical approach as we conceive it. Moreover, the notion of destruction of records will be different depending on whether they are hosted by a library or a company.

About: WebArchivists is a non-profit organization based in Paris. Imagined in 2006, founded in 2009, we are a small team of 5 people and we work part-time on this project. In 2012, we will relaunch our website with a more newsportal-oriented design. Our goal is to become a collaborative resource for web-archives news & projects. We'd like to raise public interest around web-archives and to connect all the different people working on this amazing subject.

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